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Modly Update. [24 Jul 2007|10:17am]

Hello all, your lovely mod here with a small thing.

It's great that we have seven members! However, we've only had one post for prompts.
Now, I know right now is an if-y time with the seventh book release, people are reading and re-reading and re-re-reading. But don't forget to post prompts by Aug. 20th. The more prompts we can come up with the more fun it will be. And don't forget to spread this community around! The more the merrier!

And small note, due to someone joining just to post spoilers before the book came out, and since until Aug. 21st no one will need to post anything anyway, the community is under moderation for all posts until it is time to post fiction.
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Rules Post [16 Jul 2007|11:35am]

Smut is always an interesting thing to write just because there are so many ways to write it. As well I haven't really been able to find that much smut for Harry Potter. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but since I haven't found it, I figured a community dedicated to fanfic and art for Harry Potter Smut would be good. Get Potter Laid is open to all writers and artists of all pairings!


1.) We will collect prompts here until August 20th. Anyone can submit prompts, and just because you join and submit prompts doesn't mean that you have to join in on claiming and writing/creating artwork for the prompts later. If you want to submit a prompt and then sit back and watch, well that's fine with us. Though remember, participation does make the world go round.

2.) You can submit as many prompts as you like. As many pairings, prompts, and comments as you like. Any idea, no matter how weird and off the wall it is, will be added to the prompt list on the 21st. (Het and Slash are both welcome.) One thing we do ask is that you use a characters name and not initials for the name as it will be easier to compile them into the proper sections later on.

3.) On August 21st, a new post will be made with the master list of all the prompts, broken down by pairing. Prompts are open for stories or art, member's preference. However, once a prompt has been claimed, it will be crossed off the list as we're looking for only one person per prompt.

4.) We are limiting people to three prompts at a time. This is to give everyone a chance to participate. As well, we want to make sure that you can write/create art to what you claim. However, if you finish one prompt, you can choose another to replace it later.

5.) Stories and art can be posted any time between August 27th and November 5th. And stories should be at least 500 words. And remember, this is a smut community, which means your stories should be R to NC-17 rating.

6.) Most importantly, have fun with this! If you have any questions, you can direct them to us in the comments on this post, or by e-mail (ws.mods@gmail.com).
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